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What is our faith made of? Is it a vague, ethereal faith based upon the vagaries of a nude remembrance; or is it a flesh and blood faith of real importance and urgency? Where is the "meat" of our faith in this modern world? As we approach the Nativity Feast, we are called to remember what kind of Savior it is that we received on that night over 2,000 years ago. It is this event that forces us to realize the events of reality. Christ came not as a spirit or an ethereal, bodiless angel. He came as God in the flesh. Have ye any meat?  (*Reference Luke 24:36)

“Have Ye Any Meat?”

Upcoming Nativity Fast begins the Day after Thanksgiving!

Daily Services Schedule for the public have changed.

Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri. Reader’s Vespers begins at 6pm.

 Please contact the Monastery at (706) 277-9442 for details.

These Services remain the same:

Tuesday: Daily Vespers @ 7pm

Saturday: Great Vespers @ 7pm

Sunday: Matins @ 9am & Divine Liturgy @ 10am

The Monastery Chapel is open to the public for worship services. See our Service Schedule page for details.